Watering Tips

  • Apply 1.5” of water, per week in early morning. Avoid watering in the afternoon because a large percentage of the water is lost to evaporation. Avoid evening watering because a prolonged drying period can increase fungal disease.
  • Increase watering frequency during hot periods. To maintain a lush lawn during the hot periods of the summer more frequent applications are required. Generally one application of water every 4 to 5 days is adequate.
  • An alternative method is to wait for the lawn to tell you it needs water. Prior to dormancy (browning) the following occurs: Foot printing – Foot prints and lawnmower tracks do not bounce back. This is a sign that your lawn needs water immediately in order to avoid drought dormancy.
  • Raise Your Mower Height. Set your mower blade up an extra setting from where you normally cut at. The higher cut creates a thicker canopy of leaves that shade the soil and protect the grass plants growing points. By cutting higher during heat and drought stress you will see a remarkable improvement in your lawns health.