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Natural Products



All fertilizers are natural based, containing at least 50% organic matter fortified with conventional fertilizer and micro nutrients. These fertilizers increase soil health, stimulate natural soil life, improve root growth, and promote thickening of the turf.

Control Products When Needed



Control products are used as and when needed. We use an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategy and have the training, experience, and equipment to minimize their usage. We review the array of products available and choose controls based on compatibility with our environmentally friendly philosophy, product effectiveness, and economic feasibility.

Multiple Programs



We offer 3 program options consisting of 4, 6, or 8 services annually. Custom programs are also available.

Free Evaluations



We offer free lawn evaluations and estimates. Contact us today!

Jim E.

We’re very happy with your service and are delighted to hear you have gone independent and organic.

Jim E., Winfield

Marlilyn B.

Enjoyed our talk and the info. On the weed control. Thanks for caring.

Marlilyn B., Shamokin Dam

Corey W

We are very happy with the lawn service you’ve provided since we started with you in 2006. All we ask is for BigFoot Crossing to continue this excellent service in the future.

Corey W., Montoursville

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